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Avengers: Millennium (2015)

True Believers: Kirby 100th - Avengers: Captain America Lives Again! (2017)

True Believers: Kirby 100th - Avengers: Devil Dinosaur (2017)

True Believers: Avengers vs. Thanos (2018)

True Believers: What if the Avengers had fought evil during the 1950s? (2018)

Avengers: Back to Basics TPB (2018)

True Believers: Avengers - Nebula (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Thanos vs. The Marvel Universe (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Ronin (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Stormbreaker (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Thanos and Gamora (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Endgame! (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - The Gatherers Saga (2019)

True Believers: Avengers - Thanos: The Final Battle! (2019)

Marvel Tales: Avengers (2019)

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Avengers - The Origin of Mantis! (2019)


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Amadeus Cho

Ant-Man (I) (Henry Pym)

Ant-Man (II) (Scott Lang)


Beast (Hank McCoy)

Black Knight (II) (Dane Whitman)

Black Panther (I) (T'Challa)

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Darkhawk (Chris Powell)

Demolition Man (Dennis Dunphy)

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Doctor Strange (I) (Stephen Strange)


Dr. Henry Pym

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Ex Nihilo

Falcon (Sam Wilson)

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Giant-Man (I) (Henry Pym)


Goliath (I) (Henry Pym)

Goliath (II) (Clint Barton)

Havok (Alex Summers)

Hawkeye (I) (Clint Barton)

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Hercules (I) (Heracles)

Hulk (I) (Bruce Banner)

Human Torch (I) (Jim Hammond)

Hyperion (Marcus Milton)

Invisible Woman (Susan Richards)

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Iron Man (I) (Anthony Stark)

Jack of Hearts (Jonathan Hart)


Justice (II) (Vance Astrovik)

Living Lightning (Miguel Santos)

Luke Cage (Lucas Cage)

Machine Man (Aaron Stack)

Manifold (Eden Fesi)


Maria Hill

Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse)

Moon Knight (Marc Spector)

Moondragon (Heather Doglas)

Ms. Marvel (I) (Carol Danvers)

Nightmask (Adam)

Protector (Noh-Varr)

Quake (Daisy Johnson)

Quasar (II) (Wendell Vaughn)

Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)

Rage (Elvin Holiday)

Red-Hulk (Thaddeus Ross)

Rogue (Anna Marie)

Sandman (William Baker)

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Sentry (Robert Reynolds)



She-Hulk (I) (Jennifer Walters)

Silverclaw (Lupe Santiago)

Smasher (Isabel Dare)

Spider-Man (I) (Peter Parker; Otto Octavius)

Spider-Woman (I) (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman (II) (Jula Carpenter)

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