Avengers Annual (I) (1-23) (1967-1994)
Series No. Date Year Title
Avengers Annual 8   1978 Spectrums of deceit! / To tame a tortured titan / The speedster sinister! / Where there' a will...
Avengers Annual 9   1979 ...Today the Avengers die! / Something deadly lurks below
Avengers Annual 10   1981 By friends betrayed
Avengers Annual 11   1982 In honor's name
Avengers Annual 12   1983 Moonrise
Avengers Annual 13   1984 In memory yet green
Avengers Annual 14   1985 Fifth column
Avengers Annual 15   1986 Betrayal
Avengers Annual 16   1987 The day Death died! Ch.1
The day Death died! Ch.2 (Hawkeye, Thor, Dr. Pym)
The day Death died! Ch.3 (Captain Marvel II, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Tigra)
The day Death died! Ch.4 (Silver Surfer)
The day Death died! Ch.5 (Iron Man, Mockingbird, Black Knight, Dr. Druid)
The day Death died! Ch.6 (Captain America, Wasp, Wonder Man)
The day Death died! Ch.7 (Captain America, Hawkeye)
Avengers Annual 17   1988 The Evolutionary War 11/11: Transgressing the unwritten law... / Prometheus mutans!
Saga of High Evolutionary 11/11: Beyond life
Avengers Annual 18   1989 Atlantis Attacks 8/14: Avengers assembled
The initiation of Quasar
Cap's avengerability analysis
Saga of the Serpent Crown 8/14: Manifest Destiny
Avengers Annual 19   1990 The Terminus Factor 5/5: Beat me in St. Louis...
Media watch
Acts of Vengeance Epilogue
The day the strangers came
Clowning around
Avengers Annual 20   1991 Subterranean Wars 1/5: Of moles and mutates
A history of Subterranea
Burning Vision
A wing and a prayer
Avengers Annual 21   1992 Citizen Kang 4/4: Kang's world
The Avengers' top ten villains
Boys' night out!
The puzzle (Ravonna, Kang)
Avengers Annual 22   1993 Blood Wraith
A gamble with time
Avengers Annual 23   1994 Strangers on an astral plane: A flame extinguished (Loki and Pluto story continues in Mighty Thor Annual (I) #19)
Master of his own destiny