Solo Avengers (I) (1-20) (1987-1989) Avengers Spotlight (I) (21-40) (1989-1991)
Series No. Date Year Title
Solo Avengers 1 December 1987 Here comes Hawkeye (Hawkeye)
Listen to the Mockingbird (Mockingbird)
Solo Avengers 2 January 1988 The way of the arrow (Hawkeye)
Out of control (Captain Marvel II)
Solo Avengers 3 February 1988 An american archer in Paris (Hawkeye)
Tower of shadows (Moon Knight)
Solo Avengers 4 March 1988 The great escape! (Hawkeye)
Knight's errant (Black Knight)
Solo Avengers 5 April 1988 When arrows fail! (Hawkeye)
A love that never dies (Scarlet Witch)
Solo Avengers 6 May 1988 Algeria is for archers (Hawkeye)
Scattered lives (Falcon)
Solo Avengers 7 June 1988 Hijacked! (Hawkeye)
The token (Black Widow)
Solo Avengers 8 July 1988 Blind justice (Hawkeye)
Another word for revenge (Doctor Pym)
Solo Avengers 9 August 1988 In the service of Justice (Hawkeye)
Memoirs (Hellcat)
Solo Avengers 10 September 1988 The sinking of Los Angeles (Hawkeye)
Token sacrifice (Doctor Druid)
Solo Avengers 11 October 1988 The menance of the Mind-Melder! (Hawkeye)
A farewell -- with arms (Hercules)
Solo Avengers 12 November 1988 When the Abomination comes a'calling! (Hawkeye)
Love stings (Yellowjacket)
Solo Avengers 13 December 1988 Beware the Bullet Biker!! (Hawkeye)
The fall guy (Wonder Man)
Solo Avengers 14 January 1989 When the Widow calls! (Hawkeye, Black Widow)
Court costs! (She-Hulk)
Solo Avengers 15 February 1989 The awesome Attackoid! (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Mockingbird)
Ronin on empty (Wasp)
Solo Avengers 16 March 1989 The sinister secret of Sodam (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Mockingbird)
Seconds (Moondragon)
Solo Avengers 17 April 1989 Even an Octopus needs arms! (Hawkeye, Sandman)
Greed (Sub-Mariner)
Solo Avengers 18 May 1989 When you wish upon a star! (Hawkeye, Texas Twister)
Will you won't you will you won't you--? (Moondragon)
Solo Avengers 19 June 1989 Desert doom (Hawkeye)
The vanities of Philip Whitehead (Black Panther)
Solo Avengers 20 July 1989 Veg out (Hawkeye)
The sun and the moon! (Moondragon)
Avengers Spotlight (I) (21-40) (1989-1991)
Avengers Spotlight 21 August 1989 I've been in the desert with an Orb with no shame (Hawkeye)
The comedy of Eros (Starfox)
Avengers Spotlight 22 September 1989 Grimm and bear it (Hawkeye, Mockingbird)
Once there was a Swordsman...! (Swordsman)
Avengers Spotlight 23 October 1989 Tooth and nail and hammer and bullet and chainsaw --!! (Hawkeye)
Second debut (Vision)
Avengers Spotlight 24 November 1989 A show of hands (Hawkeye)
Waste not, want not (Firebird)
Avengers Spotlight 25 December 1989 Forewarned is disarmed! (Hawkeye, Mockingbird)
Best seller! (Rick Jones)
Avengers Spotlight 26 December 1989 Acts of Vengeance Prologue: Tales from the Vault 1/3 (Guardsman Prime)
Acts of Vengeance: Tales from the Vault 2/3 (Hawkeye, Iron Man)
Avengers Spotlight 27 Mid December 1989 Acts of Vengeance: Hurting inside (Hawkeye)
Acts of Vengeance: Some assembly required
Avengers Spotlight 28 January 1990 Acts of Vengeance: Denver doubles (Hawkeye, Mockingbird)
Acts of Vengeance: Second thoughts (Wasp, Wonder Man)
Avengers Spotlight 29 February 1990 Acts of Vengeance: What's the point? (Hawkeye)
Acts of Vengeance Epilogue: Tales from the Vault 3/3 (Iron Man)
Avengers Spotlight 30 March 1990 Bang. (Hawkeye)
Avengers Spotlight 31 April 1990 Hit and run (Hawkeye)
The Xenophobic Man 1/4: Rocks and hard places (U.S. Agent)
Avengers Spotlight 32 May 1990 Terminizer! (Hawkeye)
The Xenophobic Man 2/4: Methods and standards (U.S. Agent)
Avengers Spotlight 33 June 1990 Circle-T killings continue (Hawkeye)
The Xenophobic Man 3/4: Beliefs and callings (U.S. Agent)
Avengers Spotlight 34 July 1990 Ashes (Hawkeye)
The Xenophobic Man 4/4: The ends and the means (U.S. Agent)
Avengers Spotlight 35 August 1990 Call me whatshisname (Gilgamesh)
Avengers Spotlight 36 September 1990 Bitter pill (Hawkeye)
Avengers Spotlight 37 October 1990 Avengers Reborn 1/4: Interlude in a peaceable kingdom! (Doctor Druid)
Avengers Spotlight 38 November 1990 Avengers Reborn 2/4: Curse of the cat people (Tigra)
Avengers Spotlight 39 December 1990 Avengers Reborn 3/4: Cry Crusader! (Black Knight)
Avengers Spotlight 40 January 1991 Avengers Reborn 4/4: Re/Vision (Vision)