Marvel Preview (I) (1-24) (1975-1980)
Series continues in Bizarre Adventures #25.
Series No. Date Year Title
Marvel Preview 2   1975 Death sentence (Punisher)
The Power Broker resolution (Dominic Fortune)
Marvel Preview 3 September 1975 The night Josie Harper died! / Trail of blood, trail of tears / Dawn of blood / Hellmorn! (Blade)
Marvel Preview 13 Winter 1978 The UFO Connection 1/2
All heart
The UFO Connection 2/2
Marvel Preview 14 Spring 1978 Prologue / Sandsong / Logos (Star-Lord)
Starworld Cyndriana
Marvel Preview 15 Summer 1978 A matter of necessity! (Star-Lord)
Worlds enough
Marvel Preview 16 Fall 1978 The hero killer principle! (Masters of Terror)


Death by disco! (Lilith)

Marvel Preview 18 Spring 1979 Less than human (Star-Lord)

Into the shop (Marshal Clemens)

The destiny of the dinosaurs

Marvel Preview 20 February 1980 The Power Broker resolution (Dominic Fortune; Reprint from Marvel Preview (I) #2)

The Messia in the saddle resolution (Dominc Fortune)

War toy

Good Lord!
Marvel Preview 23 Fall 1980 Shandra
Annie Mae: A Love Story
The whole tooth
Final warning
The Fantasy gambit
The way of heaven
Marvel Preview 24 Winter 1980 Prologue: By the light of the silvery Earth / Moonrise! / Now you see him, now you don't / It's my party and I'll die if I want to! / Epilogue: Just a little misunderstanding (Paradox)