Bizarre Adventures (I) (25-34) (1981-1983)
Numbering continued from Marvel Preview (I) #24
Series No. Date Year Title
Bizarre Adventures 25 March 1981 I got the yo-yo... you got the string (Black Widow)
By virtue of blood! (Lady Daemon)
Safe streets (Daughters of the Dragon)
Bizarre Adventures 26 May 1981 Demon in a silvered glass: Restless Spirits / A madness of mirrors / An in Decadence, the Descent / The true enemy within (King Kull)
Bizarre Adventures 27 July 1981 Phoenix (Phoenix)
Winter carnival (Iceman)
Show me the way to go home... (Nightcrawler)
Bizarre Adventures 28 October 1981 - (Elektra)
- (Shadow Hunter)
- Huntsman
Conscience of the King (Triton)
- (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 29 December 1981 The lawnmower man
- (Greenberg the Vampire)
Mirror, mirror
- (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 30 February 1982 Saturn's secret (Paradox)
Assignation at Madstar (Silhouette)
- (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 31 April 1982 The philistine
Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy (Dr. Deth)
The hangman
Violence wears many faces
- (Recondo Rabbit)
Let there be life!
A frog is a frog
- (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 32 August 1982 Sea of destiny (Thor)
Demon's bridge
What fools these Gods shall be!
The streak
The prophet
- (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 33 December 1982 Tales of the Zombie: Damballah's deeds
Vault of Evil: Slayride!
Haunt of Horror: The survivor
Tomb of Dracula: The blood bequest
Safe deposit box of dumbness (Bucky Bizarre)
Bizarre Adventures 34 February 1983 Son of Santa!
Howard the Duck's Christmas (Howard the Duck)
Dr. Deth, not to mention Kip and Muffy (Doctor Deth)
Slay bells!
Santa bites the Big Apple!
- (Bucky Bizarre)