Marvel Fanfare (I) (1-60) (1982-1992)
Series No. Date Year Title
Marvel Fanfare 1 March 1982 Fast descent into Hell! (Angel, Spider-Man)
Snow (Daredevil)
Marvel Fanfare 2 May 1982 To sacrifice my soul... (Angel, Ka-Zar, Spider-Man)
Annihilation (Mr. Fantastic)
Marvel Fanfare 3 July 1982 Into the land of death... (X-Men, Ka-Zar)
Swashbucklers (Hawkeye, El Ąguila)
Marvel Fanfare 4 September 1982 Lost Souls ! (X-Men, Ka-Zar)
Mindgame (Deathlok)
Ordeal! (Iron Man)
Marvel Fanfare 5 November 1982 To steal the sourcerer's soul (Dr. Strange)
Shall freedom endure (Captain America, Bucky)
Marvel Fanfare 6 January 1983 Switch Witch (Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch)
The showdown! (Dr. Strange)
Marvel Fanfare 7 March 1983 With friends like these... (Hulk)
Bless the beasts and children... (Daredevil)
Marvel Fanfare 8 May 1983 The light that never was! (Dr. Strange)
Wolf-boy (Mowgli)
Marvel Fanfare 9 July 1983 Rock'n'soul (Man-Thing)
Mowgli's brothers (Mowgli)
Marvel Fanfare 10 September 1983 Widow (chapter 1) (Black Widow)
With friends like these... (chapter 2) (Black Widow)
How fear came (Mowgli)
Marvel Fanfare 11 November 1983 Back in the U.S.S.R. (Black Widow)
Kaa's hunting (Mowgli)
Marvel Fanfare 12 January 1984 The web tightens! (Black Widow)
Assistant Editor's Month: Marvel Annfare
Marvel Fanfare 13 March 1984 The Widow... alone (Black Widow)
Tales of Asgard: Ballad of the Warriors Three (Warriors Three)
Marvel Fanfare 14 May 1984 Dangerous Vision (Vision, Fantastic Four)
Against Attilan (Quicksilver, Inhumans)
Marvel Fanfare 15 July 1984 That night... (Thing, Human Torch II)
Crimson Ash (Daredevil)
Marvel Fanfare 16 September 1984 Sky-Wolf! / Attack on Murder Mountain! (Sky-Wolf)
A fable (Sub-Mariner)
Marvel Fanfare 17 November 1984 Sky-Wolf! / --Murder Mountain walks! (Sky-Wolf)
A day in the life... (Hulk)
Marvel Fanfare 18 January 1985 Home fires! (Captain America)
Marvel Fanfare 19 March 1985 Such sweet sorrow... (Cloak, Dagger)
Dancing the night away! (Cloak, Dagger)
Dagger's light (Cloak, Dagger)
Marvel Fanfare 20 May 1985 The Clash 1/2 (Thing, Hulk, Dr. Strange)
Marvel Fanfare 21 July 1985 The Clash 2/2 (Thing, Hulk, Dr.Strange)
Marvel Fanfare 22 September 1985 Night of the Octopus (Iron Man)
Marvel Fanfare 23 November 1985 From the ashes (Iron Man)
Marvel Fanfare 24 January 1986 The Were-Men of Lord Raven! (Tyndall, Velanna, Mud-Butt, Weirdworld)
Elegy (Binary)
Marvel Fanfare 25 March 1986 Raven's dark sorcery (Tyndall, Velanna, Mud-Butt, Weirdworld)
School's out! (Captain Universe)
Marvel Fanfare 26 May 1986 The goblin spree (Tyndall, Velanna, Mud-Butt)
Death and the queen (Captain America)
Marvel Fanfare 27 July 1986 Cars (Daredevil)
Spidey gets antsy (Spider-Man)
Marvel Fanfare 28 September 1986 Murder by numbers 1, 2, 3 (Alpha Flight)
Marvel Fanfare 29 November 1986 A terrible thing to waste... (Hulk)
Story (Captain America)
Marvel Fanfare 30 January 1987 Real-to-reel (Moon Knight)
Marvel Fanfare 31 March 1987 A plague of frogs (Captain America)
Dr. Owl, master of the mystic art (Dr. Strange, Frog-Man, Yellow Claw)
The Call (Daredevil)
Marvel Fanfare 32 May 1987 Is this the way the world ends? (Captain America)
Rosie (Vision)
Marvel Fanfare 33 July 1987 Shadows on the soul! (X-Men; Story was originally created for the Questprobe series)
Marvel Fanfare 34 September 1987 Tales of Asgard: Life with Volstagg (Warriors Three)
Marvel Fanfare 35 November 1987 Tales of Asgard: Hogun's goat (Warriors Three)
Marvel Fanfare 36 January 1988 Tales of Asgard: Fandral's follies (Warriors Three)
Touch of fire... dawn of fear! (Man-Thing)
Marvel Fanfare 37 April 1988 How you gonna keep'em down on the farm after they've seen Asgard? (Thor, Warriors Three)
Synchronicity (Fantastic Four)
Marvel Fanfare 38 June 1988 Whatever happened to the Podunk Slam? (Moon Knight)
Duet (Dazzler, Rouge)
Marvel Fanfare 39 August 1988 The cat's tale (Hawkeye)
#*@%&c! (Moon Knight)
Marvel Fanfare 40 October 1988 Chiaroscuro (Angel)
Deal with the devil (Storm)
Marvel Fanfare 41 December 1988 ...Perchance to dream (Dr. Strange)
Marvel Fanfare 42 February 1989 Windfall (Spider-Man)
Once more in the city of light (Captain Marvel II)
Marvel Fanfare 43 April 1989 Time after time (Sub-Mariner)
Death in a vacuum! (Fantastic Four)
Marvel Fanfare 44 June 1989 Doombug (Iron Man)
Marvel Fanfare 45 August 1989 - (Pin-up edition (no stories, just 32 pin-ups)
Marvel Fanfare 46 October 1989 Inside job (Fantastic Four)
The day after (Thing)
Marel Fanfare 47 December 1989 Renovation (Spider-Man, Hulk, Nick Fury)
Marvel Fanfare 48 Mid December 1989 World's hero, father's shame (She-Hulk)
California Dreaming (She-Hulk)
Run through the jungle (Vision)
Marvel Fanfare 49 February 1990 Strange on the range (Dr. Strange)
Two guns against the gang (Two-Gun Kid)
Marvel Fanfare 50 April 1990 If I had the wings of an Angel (Beast, Iceman, Archangel)
Marvel Fanfare 51 June 1990 - (Silver Surfer)
The believer (Nightmare)
Marvel Fanfare 52 August 1990 When Knights were bold 1/3: The legend of the Black Knight (Black Knight)
Mirror, mirror (Dr. Strange)
Marvel Fanfare 53 October 1990 When Knights were bold 2/3: Paradise lost (Black Knight)
Never say XXX! (Iron Man)
Marvel Fanfare 54 December 1990 When Knights were bold 3/3: Dishonor! (Black Knight)
One Life to Die 1/2: Pieces of fear (Wolverine)
Marvel Fanfare 55 February 1991 The battle of P.S.87 (Power Pack, Magik, Warlock)
One Life to Die 2/2: Death in the dark woods (Wolverine)
Marvel Fanfare 56 April 1991 Crimes of pride! (Shanna the She-Devil)
Toys night out
Marvel Fanfare 57 June 1991 Murder by friend! (Shanna)
Power and duty (Captain Marvel II)
Marvel Fanfare 58 August 1991 The political animal! (Shanna)
Hometown! (Vision, Scarlet Witch)
Marvel Fanfare 59 October 1991 Death imitates life (Shanna)
The town and Patsy Walker! (Hellstorm, Hellcat)
Marvel Fanfare 60 January 1992 Big applesauce (Black Panther)
The mission (Mystique, Rogue; Story was originally created for Classic X-Men)
The monkey never dies (Daredevil)