Classic X-Men (I) (1-45) (1986-1990) X-Men Classic (I) (46-110) (1990-1995)
Series is named "Classic X-Men" from #1 to #45 and then is renamed to "X-Men Classic".
Series No. Date Year Title
Classic X-Men 1 September 1986 First night (Reprint from Giant-Size X-Men #1)
Classic X-Men 2 October 1986 The Doomsmith scenario! / Death o'er Valhalla High (Reprint from X-Men (I) #94)
First Friends (Marvel Girl, Storm)
Classic X-Men 4 December 1986 Night of the demon (Reprint from X-Men (I) #96)
The big dare (Nightcrawler, Wolverine)
Classic X-Men 5 January 1987 My brother, my enemy! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #97)
Prison of the heart (Colossus)
Classic X-Men 6 February 1987 Merry Christmas, X-Men (Reprint from X-Men (I) #98)
A love story (Marvel Girl)
Classic X-Men 7 March 1987 Deathstar, rising! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #99)
Out with the old (Hellfire Club)
Classic X-Men 9 May 1987 Like a Phoenix, from the ashes! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #101)
The gift (Nightcrawler)
Classic X-Men 10 June 1987 Who will stop the Juggernaut? (Reprint from X-Men (I) #102)
Tag, sucker! (Wolverine)
Classic X-Men 12 August 1987 The gentleman's name is Magneto (Reprint from X-Men (I) #104)
A fire in the night (Magneto)
Classic X-Men 13 September 1987 Phoenix unleashed! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #105)
Lifesigns (Phoenix)
Classic X-Men 14 October 1987 Where no X-Man has gone before (Reprint from X-Men (I) #107)
What stuff our dreams are made of... (Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani)
Classic X-Men 15 November 1987 Armageddon now (Reprint from X-Men (I) #108)
Starjammers aloft! (Starjammers)
Classic X-Men 16 December 1987 Home are the heroes! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #109)
Dearest friend (Banshee)
Classic X-Men 17 January 1988 Mindgames (Reprint from X-Men (I) #111)
A taste for vengeance
Classic X-Men 18 February 1988 Magneto triumphant! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #112)
Stalking life! (Phoenix)
Classic X-Men 19 March 1988 Showdown! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #113)
I, Magneto! (Magneto)
Classic X-Men 20 April 1988 Desolation (Reprint from X-Men (I) #114)
Mother of the bride (Storm)
Classic X-Men 21 May 1988 Visions of death (Reprint from X-Men (I) #115)
First love (Colossus)
Classic X-Men 22 June 1988 To save the Savage Land (Reprint from X-Men (I) #116)
Solace (Storm)
Classic X-Men 23 July 1988 Psi war! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #117)
Nightcrawler's high adventure (Nightcrawler)
Classic X-Men 24 August 1988 The submergence of Japan (Reprint from X-Men (I) #118)
Vacation (Phoenix)
Classic X-Men 25 September 1988 'Twas the night before Christmas... (Reprint from X-Men (I) #119)
Just don't look in its eyes (Wolverine)
Classic X-Men 38 October 1989 The Dark Phoenix Saga 4/9: And Hellfire is their name! (Reprint from X-Men (I) #132)
Strangers on a lift (Dazzler)
X-Men Classic (I) (46-110) (1990-1995)
X-Men Classic 85 July 1993 Tokyo story (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #181)
X-Men Classic 92 February 1994 Legacy of the lost (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #188)
X-Men Classic 100 October 1994 What was that? (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #196)
X-Men Classic 103 January 1995 The spiral path (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #199)
X-Men Classic 106 April 1995 Secret Wars 2 Crossover: X-Men... I've gone to kill -- the Beyonder! (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #202)
X-Men Classic 107 May 1995 Secret Wars 2 Crossover: Crossroads (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #203)
X-Men Classic 108 June 1995 What happened to Nightcrawler? (Reprint from Uncanny X-Men (I) #204)