Amazing Fantasy (II) (1-20) (2004-2006)
Arana story continues in Araña: The Heart of the Spider #1.
Series No. Date Year Title
Amazing Fantasy 1 August 2004 Not an angel (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 2 September 2004 The promise (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 3 October 2004 Game set (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 4 November 2004 The sting of defeat (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 5 December 2004 Roaming (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 6 January 2005 Becoming (Araña)
Amazing Fantasy 7 February 2005 Poison Tomorrow 1/6: Worst Homecoming ever (Scorpion II)
Amazing Fantasy 8 July 2005 Poison Tomorrow 2/6: Motherless country (Scorpion II)
Amazing Fantasy 9 August 2005 Poison Tomorrow 3/6: Identity politics (Scorpion II)
Amazing Fantasy 10 September 2005 Poison Tomorrow 4/6: Gone native (Scorpion II)
Vampire by Night (Vampire by Night)
Amazing Fantasy 11 October 2005

Poison Tomorrow 5/6: Wakers (Scorpion II)

Interview with the Vampire by Night (Vampire by Night)

Amazing Fantasy 12 November 2005 Poison Tomorrow 6/6 (Scorpion II)

In sheep’s clothing (Vampire by Night)

Amazing Fantasy 13 December 2005

Play to Win 1/2 (Vegas)

Power Corrupted 1/2 (Captain Universe)

Amazing Fantasy 14 December 2005

Play to Win 2/2 (Vegas)

Power Corrupted 2/2 (Captain Universe; continued in Captain Universe/Hulk #1)
Amazing Fantasy 15 January 2006 Mastermind Excello (Hulk, Mastermind Excello)
Heavy on action, light on plot (Blackjack; Case #714)
The great video / The Man with X-Ray Eyes
The winning hand (Blackjack; Case #538)
You say you want an evolution? (Blackjack; Case #803)
Heartbreak Kid! (Heartbreak Kid, Peter Benjamin Parker)
Happy ending (Blackjack; Case #999)
I was the guy in Spider-Man's armpit! (Spider-Man; The story behind the cover of Amazing Fantasy (I) #15)
Amazing Fantasy 16 February 2006 Unnatural Selection 1/5 (Death's Head 3.0)
Our best offer (Paladin)
Amazing Fantasy 17 March 2006 Unnatural Selection 2/5 (Death's Head 3.0)
Self-made Monster (Morbius)
Amazing Fantasy 18 April 2006 Unnatural Selection 3/5 (Death's Head 3.0)
Untold Tales Of The New Universe: Mark Hazzard: Merc (Marc Hazzard)
Amazing Fantasy 19 May 2006 Unnatural Selection 4/5 (Death's Head 3.0)
Danger Zone (Spitfire, story takes place before Spitfire and the Troubleshooters #1)
Amazing Fantasy 20 June 2006 Unnatural Selection 5/5 (Death's Head 3.0)
Steampowered Heart (Speam Rider)