Target Giant-Size Comics

Target Emma Frost: Higher Learning (2004)
Target Marvel Age Fantastic Four: All for One (2004)
Target Runaways: Pride & Joy (2004)
Target Spider-Man's Pal: Gus Beezer (2004)
Target Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve (2004)
Target Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility (2004)
Target Ultimate X-Men: Return to Weapon X (2004)
(Target) Ultimate X-Men: The Tomorrow People (2004)
Target All-New Marvel Encyclopedia (2005)
Target Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2005)
Target Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom (2005)
Target Marvel Age Spider-Man: Everyday Hero (2005)
Target Marvel Age Spider-Man: Fearsome Foes (2005)
Target Marvel Age Spider-Man: Swingtime (2005)
Target Marvel Classic Origins (2005)
Target Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (2005)
Target Spider-Girl: Legacy (2005)
Target Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Out of Reach (2005)
Target Spider-Man Encyclopedia (2005)
Target Spider-Man Presents Marvel Super Heroes (2005)
Target Spider-Man: The Sinister Six (2005)
Target Ultimate Spider-Man: Double Trouble (2005)
Target X-Men Encyclopedia (2005)
Target X-Men: Evolution (2005)

Target Fantastic Four: Clobbering Time (2006)
Target Fantastic Four Presents the Marvel Super-Heroes (2006)
Target Spider-Man Classic (2006)
Target Spider-Man: Power Struggle (2006)
Target X-Men Classic (2006)
Target X-Men and Power Pack (2006)