Premiere Editions

Wolverine Premiere (HC): Enemy of the State (2005-2006)
Shanna, the She-Devil Premiere (HC) (2006)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) By J. Michael Straczynski (2006)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Sentry (2006)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.3: Secrets and Lies (2006)
Ultimate Iron Man Premiere (HC) (2006)
Defenders Premiere (HC): Indefensible (2006)
Captain America Premiere (HC) vol.2: Winter Soldier (2006)
Spider-Man/Black Cat Premiere (HC): The Evil that Men Do (2006)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Origins and Endings (2006)
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Road to Damnation (2006)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Deadly Genesis (2006)
Fantastic Four: Books of Doom Premiere (HC): (2006)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Extremis (2006)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Longest Night (2006)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Kraven's Last Hunt (2006)
Spider-Woman Premiere (HC): Origin (Jessica Drew) (2006)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.1: Best Of The Best (2006)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.4: The Collective (2006)
Sensational Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Feral (2006)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.1: Born in Blood (2006)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Origin (2006)
Young Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Family Matters (2006)
The Hedge Knight Premiere (HC) (2007)
Squadron Supreme Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Pre-War Years (2007)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Bottom (2007)
Wolverine Premiere (HC) By Claremont and Miller (2007)
Spider-Man (HC): Death of the Stacys Premiere (2007)
Storm Premiere (HC) (2007)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Life and Death Matters (2007)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.2: Civil War (2007)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.5: Civil War (2007)
Ultimate Spider-Man (HC): Clone Saga (2007)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.2: Savior (2007)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Weapon X (2007)
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC) (2007)
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.1: Civil War (2007)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Reign (2007)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The End (2007)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Many Lives of Madrox (2007)
Killraven Premiere (HC) (2007)
The Hood Premiere (HC) (2007)
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Last Iron Fist Story (2007)
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Premiere (HC) vol.2: I Kick Your Face (2007)
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong Premiere (HC) (2007)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.6: Revolution (2007)
Newuniversal Premiere (HC) vol.1: Everything Went White (2007)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.3: Swift and Terrible (2007)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Avengers/Defenders War (2007)
Ghost Rider Premiere (HC): Trail of Tears (Caleb) (2007)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.3: Operation Lightning Storm (2007)
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC) vol.1: Faith in Monsters (2007)
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America Premiere (HC) (2007)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The New Fantastic Four (2007)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution (2007)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Evolution Black and White (2007)
Avengers: The Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.1: Basic Training (2008)
Captain America Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Death of Captain America (2008-2009)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger Born (2008)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.2: Midnight Sun (2008)
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.2: Goin' Out West (2008)
Silver Surfer Premiere (HC): Requiem (2008)
Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Venom (2008)
X-Men Premiere (HC): God Loves, Man Kills (2008)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Ultron Initiative (2008)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Heart of Ice (2008)
Hulk Premiere (HC): The End (2008)
New Avengers Premiere (HC): Illuminati (2008)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Madrox - Multiple Choice (2008)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Premiere (HC) (2008-2010)
ClanDestine Classic Premiere (HC) (2008)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Demon in a Bottle (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the Mohicans Premiere (HC) (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: The Man in the Iron Mask Premiere (HC) (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island Premiere (HC) (2008)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.4: Monster Smash (2008)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.4: Our War (2008)
Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom Premiere (HC): Doomquest (2008)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.7: The Trust (2008)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): One More Day (2008)
Spider-Man/Red Sonja Premiere (HC) (2008)
Thor Premiere (HC) By J. Michael Straczynski (2008-2010)
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Circle of Blood (2008)
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.3: Hunter Hunted (2008)
She-Hulk Premiere (HC): Jaded (2008)
Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man Premiere (HC): Ultimate Human (2008)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Death of Wolverine (2008)
The Hedge Knight (II): The Sworn Sword Premiere (HC) (2008)
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (2008)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Dead End Kids (2008)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Brand New Day (2008)
X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Premiere (HC) (2008)
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.2: Killed in Action (2008)
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Chosen (2008)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) Lost Adventures by Stan Lee (2008)
Hercules Premiere (HC): Against the World (2008)
Marvels Premiere (HC) (2008)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Venom Bomb (2008)
Captain Marvel Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion (Khn'nr) (2008)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.3: God and Country (2008)
Punisher Premiere (HC): Welcome Back Frank (2008)
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere (HC) (2008)
X-Men: Longshot Premiere (HC) (2008)
ClanDestine Premiere (HC): Blood Relative (2008)
Hulk Premiere (HC): Heart of the Atom (2008)
Logan Premiere (HC) (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian Gray Premiere (HC) (2008)
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC) vol.2: Caged Angels (2008)
The Twelve Premiere (HC) (2008)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Divided He Stands (2008)
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.1: Messiah War (2008)
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Guardian Devil 10th Anniversary Edition (2008)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Legacy of Doom (2008)
Marvel Boy Premiere (HC) (Noh-Varr) (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick Premiere (HC) (2008)
Omega Premiere (HC): The Unknown (2008)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC) vol.5: The Deep End (2008)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Only Game in Town (2008)
X-Men: Magik Premiere (HC): Storm and Illyana (2008)
Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft Premiere (HC) (Max Comics) (2008)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.1: Red Hulk (2008)
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.3: Book of the Iron Fist (2008)
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion (2008)
Marvel Illustrated: Iliad Premiere (HC) (2008)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.5: Secret Invasion (2008)
Sky Doll Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2008)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): With Great Power... (2008)
War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle Premiere (HC) (2008)
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.1: Angels and Demons (2008)
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Daredevil Yellow (2009)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): World's Greatest (2009)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Five Nightmares (2009)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.8: Secret Invasion Book 1 (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Kraven's First Hunt (2009)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Sins of the Father (2009)
Avengers Premiere (HC): First to Last (2009)
Daredevil the Man without Fear Premiere (HC) (2009)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) vol.1: Legacy (2009)
Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers Premiere (HC) (2009)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.3: Secret Invasion Book 1 (2009)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.9: Secret Invasion Book 2 (2009)
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.4: Jigsaw! (2009)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Pride and Joy (2009)
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC) (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Blue (2009)
Ultimate Origins Premiere (HC) (2009)
The Ultimates 3 Premiere (HC) vol.1: Who Killed the Scarlet Witch (2009)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Dangerous Games (2009)
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Chosen (2009)
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Born Again (2009)
Marvel 1985 Premiere (HC) (2009)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.4: Secret Invasion Book 2 (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): New Ways to Die (2009)
Ultimatum Premiere (HC): March on Ultimatum (2009)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Original Sin (2009)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Proteus (2009)
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC) vol.3: Secret Invasion (2009)
Cloak and Dagger Premiere (HC): Child of Darkness, Child of Light (2009)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC): Earth Shall Overcome (2009)
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Love and War (2009)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.4: Death of Marc Spector (2009)
Punisher War Journal Premiere (HC) vol.5: Secret Invasion (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Crime and Punisher (2009)
The Stand Premiere (HC): Captain Trips (Stephen King) (2009)
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Contact (2009)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion (2009)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Hawkeye (2009)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): Treachery (2009)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.1: Secret Invasion (2009)
Hulk: Skaar - Son of Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.1 (2009)
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.4: The Mortal Iron Fist (2009)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.6: Ascension (2009)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Dead Wrong (2009)
Samurai Premiere (HC): Legend (Soleil Comics) (2009)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Premiere (HC): Sophomore Jinx (2009)
Ultimate Spider-Man (HC): Power and Responsibility (2009)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Phoenix Rising (2009)
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.1: Animator (2009)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC): The Power of Starhawk (2009)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.2: Red and Green (2009)
Punisher: War Zone Premiere (HC): The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death and Dating (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Torment (2009)
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Powers and Principalities (2009)
Ultimatum: X-Men/Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) (2009)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Not Dead Yet (2009)
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Sting of the Widow (2009)
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.2: Waiting for the End of the World (2009)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) vol.2: War of Kings Book 1 (2009)
Halo Premiere (HC): Uprising (2009)
Kidnapped! Premiere (HC) (2009)
NYX Premiere (HC): No Way Home (2009)
Spider-Man Noir Premiere (HC) (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Family Ties (2009)
Thor: Balder the Brave Premiere (HC) (2009)
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.2: Old Ghosts (2009)
X-Men: Magneto Premiere (HC) - Testament (2009)
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Man with no Face (2009)
Hercules Premiere (HC): Prince of Power (2009)
NYX Premiere (HC): Wannabe (2009)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Rock Zombies (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Election Day (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC) : Sinister Six (2009)
Sub-Mariner Premiere (HC): The Depths (2009)
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): High Command (2009)
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC) (2009)
Ythaq - The Forsaken World Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2009)
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Dark Reign (2009)
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Battle School (2009)
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Battle School (2009)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.2: World's Most Wanted Book 1 (2009)
Mephisto vs. Premiere (HC) (2009)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) vol.5: Down South (2009)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.10: Power (2009)
The Odyssey Premiere (HC) (2009)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Teenage Wasteland (2009)
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2009)
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Burning Down the House (2009)
War Machine Premiere (HC) vol.1: Iron Heart (2009)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Salvage (2009)
X-Men: Wolverine/Gambit Premiere (HC) (2009)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Ghost Boxes (2009)
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC): Disassembled (2009)
Dark Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: Assemble (2009)
Hercules Premiere (HC): Full Circle (2009)
Hulk Premiere (HC): Gray (2009)
Immortal Iron Fist Premiere (HC) vol.5: Escape From the Eighth City (2009)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC): Earth's Mightiest (2009)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.11: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (2009)
New Avengers Premiere (HC): The Reunion (2009)
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dark Reign (2009)
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC): Nick Fury, Agent of Nothing (2009)
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC): Revelations (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): 24/7 (2009)
Supreme Power Premiere (HC): Hyperion (2009)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Dark Reign (2009)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Time and a Half (2009)
Black Panther Premiere (HC): The Deadliest of the Species (2009)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.2: Dark Reign (2009)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): The Master of Doom (2009)
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Dark Reign (2009)
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC) (2009)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.7: Dark Reign (2009)
Runaways Premiere (HC): The Good Die Young (2009)
Soleil: Ythaq - No Escape Premiere (HC) (2009)
Supreme Power: Nighthawk Premiere (HC) (2009)
Ultimatum Premiere (HC) (2009)
Ultimatum Premiere (HC): Requiem (2009)
Ultimatum: Spider-Man Premiere (HC) (2009)
X-Men vs. Avengers Premiere (HC) (2009)
X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) (2009)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Road to Reborn (2009)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.3: Hulk No More (2009)
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC): New World/Fantastick Four (2009)
Pride and Prejudice Premiere (HC) (2009)
Short Halloween (2009)
Spider-Man Premiere HC American Son (2009)
Thing Premiere (HC): Project Pegasus (2009)
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Premiere (HC) (2009)
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Prince (Daken) (2009)
Wolverine Noir Premiere (HC) (2009)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Korvac Saga (2010)
Daredevil Noir Premiere (HC) (2010)
The Destroyer Premiere (HC) (Keene Marlow) (2010)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): In Search of Galactus (2010)
New Mutants Premiere (HC) vol.1: Return of Legion (2010)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Homeschooling (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Died in Your Arms Tonight (2010)
The Stand Premiere (HC): American Nightmares (Stephen King) (2010)
Trojan War Premiere (HC) (2010)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Romulus (2010)
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.1: Adamantium Men (2010)
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.2: Necromancer (2010)
Black Widow Premiere (HC): Web of Intrigue (2010)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) vol.3: War of Kings Book 2 (2010)
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): The Mighty Thorcules (2010)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.3: World's Most Wanted Book 2 (2010)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Iron Monger (2010)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.8: War of the Marvels (2010)
The Punisher Premiere (HC): Dead End (2010)
Runaways Premiere (HC): True Believers (2010)
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC): The Fall (Soleil Comics) (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Red-Headed Stranger (2010)
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Widowmaker (2010)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Overtime (2010)
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.3: Not Forgotten (2010)
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Turf Wars (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): World Trust (2010)
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.3: Stranded (2010)
Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead Premiere (HC) (2010)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.3: X Marks the Spot (2010)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Escape to New York (2010)
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.2: God of Fear, God of War (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Return of the Black Cat (2010)
Black Widow Premiere (HC): Deadly Origin (2010)
Dark Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Molecule Man (2010)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman (2010-2011)
Halo Premiere (HC): Helljumper (2010)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.4: Hulk vs. X-Force (2010)
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.1: Son of Banner (2010)
Kick-Ass Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics) (2010)
Luke Cage Noir Premiere (HC) (2010)
Mighty Avengers Premiere (HC): The Unspoken (2010)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.12: Powerloss (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet Book 1: Electro and Sandman (2010)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Emplate (2010)
Avengers Initiative Premiere (HC): Dreams and Nightmares (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Standoff (2010)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Reborn (2010)
Daredevil/Echo Premiere (HC): Parts of a Hole (2010)
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): Command School (2010)
Ender's Shadow Premiere (HC): Command School (2010)
Punisher Noir Premiere (HC) (2010)
Riftwar Premiere (HC) (2010)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Parental Guidance (2010)
Spin Angels Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2010)
Ultimate Comics Iron Man Premiere (HC): Armor Wars (2010)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The World According to Peter Parker (2010)
Wolverine: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC) vol.2: My Hero (Daken) (2010)
Wolverine Origins Premiere (HC): Seven the Hard Way (2010)
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.2: Insane in the Brain (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Contest (2010)
Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC) (2010)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Deadly Solutions (2010)
Ms. Marvel Premiere (HC) vol.9: Best You Can Be (2010)
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Necrosha (2010)
The Silver Surfer Premiere (HC): Rebirth of Thanos (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet Book 2: Rhino and Mysterio (2010)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Mutant Genesis (2010)
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse Premiere (HC) vol.3: Executioner (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Red Zone (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers Assemble (2010)
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Premiere (HC): The Death of Captain Marvel (2010)
Dark X-Men Premiere (HC) (2010)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.5: Fall of the Hulks (2010)
Incredible Hercules Premiere (HC): Assault on New Olympus (2010)
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.2: Fall of the Hulks (2010)
Kookaburra K Premiere (HC) (2010)
Marvel 1602 Premiere (HC): Spider-Man (2010)
Runaways Premiere (HC): Live Fast (2010)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Invinsible Woman has Vanished (2010)
Cable Premiere (HC) vol.4: Homecoming (2010)
Daffodil Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2010)
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC): Prelude (2010)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.4: Monkey Business (2010)
Ender's Game Premiere (HC): War of Gifts (2010)
Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere (HC) vol.4: Realm of Kings (2010)
Marvels: Eye of the Camera Premiere (HC) (2010)
PunisherMax Premiere (HC): Kingpin (2010)
Rawhide Kid Premiere (HC): Slap Leather (2010)
Spider-Man Noir Premiere (HC): Eyes Without a Face (2010)
The Stand Premiere (HC): Soul Survivors (Stephen King) (2010)
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): The Next Generation (2010)
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC): Mark of Cain (2010)
Agents of Atlas Premiere (HC): Agents of Atlas vs. (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Search for She-Hulk (2010)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Two Americas (2010)
Halo Premiere (HC): Blood Line (2010)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.4: Stark Disassembled (2010)
Marvelman Classic Premiere (HC) (2010-2011)
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.3: Wake the Beast (2010)
Siege: Embedded Premiere (HC) (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC) (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Battlefield (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): X-Men (2010)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Battle of Jericho Hill (2010)
Deathlok: The Demolisher Premiere (HC) (2010)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC): Countdown to Dark (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Avengers - The Initiativ (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Thor (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet Book 4 - Juggernaut (2010)
Spider-Woman Premiere (HC): Agent of S.W.O.R.D. (Jessica Drew) (2010)
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2010)
Thor Premiere (HC): The Warriors Three (2010)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Second Coming (2010)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Xenogenetic (2010)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Under Siege (2010)
Daredevil/Echo Premiere (HC): Vision Quest (2010)
Husk Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics) (2010)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.5: Stark Resilient Book 1 (2010)
Iron Man Noir Premiere (HC) (2010)
Raymond E. Fiest's Magician Master Premiere (HC): The Great One (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Dark Avengers (2010)
Siege Premiere (HC): Mighty Avengers (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet Book 5 - Lizard (2010)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Reckoning (2010)
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.1: Poolocalypse Now (2010)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.5 (2010)
Doomwar Premiere (HC) (2010)
Dracula Premiere (HC) (2010)
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.6 : World War Hulks (2010)
Incredible Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.3: World War Hulks (2010)
Marvel Universe Premiere (HC): The End (2010)
Marvel Zombies Premiere (HC) vol.5 (2010)
Secret Warriors Premiere (HC) vol.4: Last Ride of the Howling Commands (2010)
Sense and Sensibility Premiere (HC) (Jane Austen) (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Gauntlet Book 3 - Vulture and Morbius (2010)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Grim Hunt (2010)
Stephen King's N. Premiere (HC) (2010)
Thunderbolts Premiere (HC): Cage (2010)
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Crime and Punishment (2010)
Wolverine Weapon X Premiere (HC) vol.3: Tomorrow Dies Today (2010)
Captain America Premiere (HC): The New Deal (2011)
Electric Ant Premiere (HC) (2011)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Resurrection of Galactus (2011)
Siege Premiere (HC): New Avengers (2011)
Sky Doll Premiere (HC): Space Ship (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): One Moment in Time (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): If Asgard Should Perish (2011)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC) vol.2: Chameleons (2011)
X-Force Premiere (HC): Cable and the New Mutants (2011)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Coming of the Beast (2011)
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Name of the Rose (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): No Escape (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): War and Remembrance (2011)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): War of the Iron Men (2011)
One Month to Live Premiere (HC) (2011)
Punisher Max Premiere (HC): Bullseye (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Origin of the Species (2011)
X-Force Premiere (HC): Under the Gun (2011)
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Charmer (2011)
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC) vol.1: Permanent Record (2011)
Avengers Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis (2011)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins (2011)
Ender Premiere (HC): Ender in Exile (2011)
Incredible Hulks Premiere (HC): Dark Son (2011)
Millar & McNiven's Nemesis Premiere (HC) (2011)
New Avengers Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis (2011)
Secret Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.1: Mission to Mars (2011)
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Premiere (HC) (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): Worldengine (2011)
X-Force Premiere (HC): A Force to be Reckoned With (2011)
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Empire (2011)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.6: Stark Resilient Book 2 (2011)
Marvelman Family's Finest Premiere (HC) (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC) (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Daredevil (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Street Heroes (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Big Time (2011)
The Stand Premiere (HC): Hardcases (Stephen King) (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): The Quest for Odin (2011)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine Goes to Hell (2011)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Happenings in Vegas (2011)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Collision (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires (2011)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Xenogenesis (2011)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.6: I Rule, You Suck (2011)
Deadpool Pulp Premiere (HC) (2011)
Halo Premiere (HC): Fall of Reach - Boot Camp (2011)
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Fall of the New Mutants (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Blood on the Streets (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Moon Knight (2011)
Shadowland Premiere (HC): Power Man (2011)
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Thor Reborn (2011)
Ultimate Thor Premiere (HC) (2011)
Avengers Prime Premiere (HC) (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Operation Rebirth (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): The Trial of Captain America (2011)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Industrial Revolution (2011)
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC): Into the Veil (2011)
Thor/Iron Man Premiere (HC): God Complex (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): The Warriors Three Unleashed (2011)
Ultimate Comics Avengers Premiere (HC): Blade vs. Avengers (2011)
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Apocalypse Solution (2011)
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Killing Dream (2011)
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Family Ties (2011)
Captain America: Man out of Time Premiere (HC) (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): To Serve and Protect (2011)
Deadpool Corps Premiere (HC) vol.2: You Say You Want a Revolution (2011)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.7: My Monsters (2011)
Powers Premiere (HC) vol.1: Who Killed Retro Girl? (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Matters of Life and Death (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): The World Eaters (2011)
Ultimate Comics Captain America Premiere (HC) (2011)
Ultimate War Premiere (HC) (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Alpha Flight (2011)
Young Marvelman Classic Premiere (HC) (2011-2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Assault on Olympus (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): American Nightmare (2011)
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Reborn (2011)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria (2011)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.7: Space Oddity (2011)
Doctor Strange Premiere (HC): Into the Dark Dimension (2011)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Overthrow of Doom (2011)
Scarlet Premiere HC (2011)
Secret Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Eyes of the Dragon (2011)
Secret Warriors Premiere HC vol.5: Night (2011)
Thing Premiere (HC): Liberty Legion (2011)
Thor Premiere (HC): The Trials of Loki (2011)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man Prelude (2011)
Ultimate Six Premiere (HC) (2011)
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Deathlok Nation (2011)
Wolverine and Jubilee Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): With Great Power (2011)
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.2: The Ingenue (2011)
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Premiere (HC) (2011)
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC) vol.2: Will We Use This in the Real World? (2011)
Daken/X-23 Premiere (HC): Collision (2011)
Ender Premiere (HC): Speaker for the Dead (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Death of Jean DeWolff (2011)
The Stand Premiere (HC): No Man's Land (Stephen King) (2011)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Best There Is - Contagion (2011)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Scar Tissue (2011)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Aftermath (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Lifedeath (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Prisoner of War (2011)
Deadpool/Amazing Spider-Man/Hulk Premiere (HC): Identity Wars (2011)
FF Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman (2011-2012)
The Invincible Iron Man Premiere (HC) vol.8: Unfixable (2011)
Powers Premiere (HC) vol.2: Roleplay (2011)
Rocket Raccoon Premiere (HC): Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Fantastic Spider-Man (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Fallen Angels (2011)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.8: Operation Annihilation (2011)
Emma Premiere (HC) (Jane Austen) (2011)
Ender's Game: Formic Wars Premiere (HC) - Burning Earth (2011)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Premiere (HC): Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Return of Anti-Venom (2011)
Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man (2011)
Venom Premiere (HC) By Rick Remender (2011)
X-Men Premiere (HC): First to Last (2011)
Captain America Premiere (HC): Red Glare (2011)
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): Big Break (2011)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): 1 2 3 4 (2011)
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Unfinished Business (2011)
Punisher Max Premiere (HC): Frank (2011)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Masques (2011)
Ultimate Comics X Premiere (HC): Origins (2011)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Wolverine's Revenge (2011)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Hard Labor (2011)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Lost Legions (2011)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Monstrous (2012)
Black Widow Premiere (HC): The Itsy-Bitsy Spider (2012)
Deadpool Max Premiere (HC) vol.2: Involuntary Armageddon (2012)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.9: Institutionalized (2012)
Halo Premiere (HC): Fall of Reach - Covenant (2012)
The Mighty Thor Premiere (HC) vol.1 By Matt Fraction (2012)
Powers Premiere (HC) vol.3: Little Deaths (2012)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Death of Spider-Man - Fallout (2012)
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Dark Angel Saga (2012)
X-Force Premiere (HC): Assault on Graymalkin (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Sins of the Past (2012)
Captain America and Bucky Premiere (HC): The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (2012)
Moon Knight Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (2012)
Mystery Men Premiere (HC) (2012)
Powers Premiere (HC) vol.4: Supergroup (2012)
Alpha Flight Premiere (HC) By Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente (2012)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Children of the Brood (2012)
Avengers/X-Men Premiere (HC): Bloodties (2012)
Captain America Premiere (HC) By Ed Brubaker (2012)
Daredevil Premiere (HC) By Mark Waid (2012)
Dark Tower Premiere (HC): The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC) (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Avengers (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Ghost Rider (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Journey into Mystery (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Thunderbolts (2012)
Thor Premiere (HC): Galactus Seed (2012)
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman (2012)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Best There Is - Broken Quarantine (2012)
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.2: Chaos Theory (2012)
Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Premiere (HC) vol.3: The Scoundrel (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): Hawkeye - Earth's Mightiest Marksman (2012)
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): The Pride Comes Before the Fall (2012)
Elektra Premiere (HC): Assassin (2012)
Fantastic Four Premiere (HC): Season One (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Black Panther - The Man Without Fear (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Deadpool/Fearsome Four (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Herc (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Heroes for Hire (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Hulk (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Secret Avengers (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Men (2012)
The Punisher Premiere (HC) By Greg Rucka (2012)
The Stand Premiere (HC): The Night Has Come (2012)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Premiere (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis (2012)
Ultimates Premiere (HC) By Jonathan Hickman (2012)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Super Unnatural (2012)
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Five Miles South of the Universe (2012)
X-Men Premiere (HC): FF (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Lost in Space-Time (2012)
Daredevil Premiere (HC): Season One (2012)
Deadpool Premiere (HC) vol.10: Evil Deadpool (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Avengers Academy (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Iron Man (2012)
Secret Avengers Premiere (HC) vol.3: Run the Mission, Don't Get Caught, Save the World (2012)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Season One (2012)
Ultimate Comics X-Men Premiere (HC) By Nick Spencer (2012)
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) by Kieron Gillen (2012)
Wolverine Premiere (HC): Goodbye, Chinatown (2012)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Season One (2012)
Amazing Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Flying Blind (2012)
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Exiled (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Serpent Crown (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): West Coast Avengers - Zodiac Attack (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): The Home Front (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Force/The Deep (2012)
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Wolverine/New Mutants (2012)
New Mutants Premiere (HC): A Date With The Devil (2012)
Powers Premiere (HC) vol.6: The Sellouts (2012)
PunisherMax Premiere (HC): Homeless (2012)
Wolverine and the X-Men Premiere (HC) By Jason Aaron (2012)
X-Force Premiere (HC): Toy Soldiers (2012)
X-Men Premiere (HC): Beauty and the Beast (2012)
X-Men Premiere (HC): War Machines (2012)
Avengers Academy Premiere (HC): Second Semester (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): The Private War of Dr. Doom (2012)
Avengers Premiere (HC): X-Sanction (2012)
Captain America and Bucky Premiere (HC): Old Wounds (2012)
Daken: Dark Wolverine Premiere (HC): No More Heroes (2012)
Deadpool Max Premiere (HC): Second Cut (2012)
Hulk Premiere (HC): Return of the Monster (2012)
Silver Surfer Premiere (HC): Parable (2012)
Thing Premiere (HC): The Serpent Crown Affair (2012)
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Otherworld (2012)
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.3: Don't Look Back (2012)
X-Factor Premiere (HC): They Keep Killing Madrox (2012)
Cloak and Dagger Premiere (HC): Crime and Punishment (2012)
Deathlok Premiere (HC): The Living Nightmare of Michael Collins (2012)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Perceptions (2012)
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Return of the Burglar (2012)
Iron Man Premiere (HC): Revenge of the Mandarin (2012)

X-Force Premiere (HC): Child's Play (2012)

X-Men: Iceman Premiere (HC) (2012)

Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Revenge of the Sinister Six (2012)

Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero Premiere (HC) (2013)

The Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk Premiere (HC) (2013)