Power Pack

Spider-Man, Power Pack (1984)

Power Pack (I) (1984-1991)

Cloak and Dagger and Power Pack: Shelter From the Storm (Graphic Novel) (1989)
Power Pack Holiday Special (1992)
Power Pack (II) (2000)
Power Pack (III) (2005)
X-Men and Power Pack (2005-2006)

Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! (2006)

Spider-Man and Power Pack (2007)

Hulk and Power Pack (2007)

Fantastic Four and Power Pack (2007)

Iron Man and Power Pack (2008)

Power Pack: Day One (2008)

Skrulls vs. Power Pack (2008)

Wolverine and Power Pack (2009)

Thor and the Warriors Four (2010)

Power Pack (IV) (2018)

Power Pack: Grow Up! (2019)



Marvel's Greatest Creators: Power Pack (2019)

See also:
Alexander Power as member of the Future Foundation

Franklin Richards solo series

Lightspeed (Julie Power) as member of the Avengers Academy

Lightspeed (Julie Power) as member of the Loners

Powerpax (Alexander Power) as member of the New Warriors


Charakter Wiki:

Jack Power alias Counterweight (I), Mass Master

Alexander Power alias Destroyer (VI), Gee, Powerpax, Powerhouse

Katie Power alias Energizer, Counterweight (II), Starstreak (I)

Julie Power alias Lightspeed

Tattletale alias Franklin Benjamin Richards