Marvel 80 Years (Anniversary Specials)

Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big (2019)

Avengers: Loki Unleashed! (2019)

Bizzare Adventures (II) (2019)

Captain America and the Invaders: Bahamas Triangle (2019)

Crazy (III) (2019)

Crypt of Shadows (II) (2019)

The Gunhawks (II) (2019)

Incredible Hulk: Last Call (2019)

Journey into Unknown Worlds (II) (2019)

Love Romances (II) (2019)

Marvel Comics (80th Anniversary Special) (2019)

Marvel Comics Presents (III) (2019)

New Mutants: War Children (2019)

Power Pack: Grow Up! (2019)

Sensational Spider-Man: Self-Improvement (2019)

Star Wars (Marvel's 80th Anniversary Special) (2019)

War is Hell (II) (2019)

Wolverine: Exit Wounds (2019)

Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics (II) (2019)

Thor: The Worthy (2020)


Marvel 80 for 80 (HC) (2019)

Marvel 80th Anniversary Poster

Marvel 80th Anniversary Postcard Book (HC)

Marvel 80th Anniversary Poster Book TPB

Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Edition (HC)

Marvel Comics TPB: Timeless Tales

Marvel Masterworks Pin-Ups (HC) (IDW Publishing / Marvel)

Marvel Tales: Avengers

Marvel Tales: Black Panther

Marvel Tales: Black Widow (Natalie Romanova)

Marvel Tales: Captain America

Marvel Tales: Fantastic Four

Marvel Tales: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Marvel Tales: Hulk

Marvel Tales: Iron Man

Marvel Tales: Spider-Man

Marvel Tales: Thanos

Marvel Tales: Thor

Marvel Tales: Venom (Edward Brock)

Marvel Tales: X-Men

Timely's Greatest Omnibus (HC): The Golden Age Human Torch by Carl Burgos

Timely's Greatest Omnibus (HC): The Golden Age Simon and Kirby

Timely's Greatest Omnibus (HC): The Golden Age Sub-Mariner By Bill Everett - The Pre-War Years

Legends of Marvel TPB: Spider-Man

Marvel Comics (HC) (80th Anniversary Special)

Marvel Solid Gold Superheroes (HC) (IDW Publishing / Marvel)

Marvel Tales: Doctor Strange

Marvel Tales: Wolverine



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