Magneto and the Magnetic Men (Amalgam) (1996)

Magneto (I) (1996-1997)
Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto (Amalgam) (1997)
X-Men: The Magneto War (1999)
Magneto Rex (1999)
Magneto: Dark Seduction (2000)
X-Men Movie Prequel: Magneto (2000)
What if Magneto Had Formed the X-Men with Professor X? (2005)

X-Men: Magneto Testament (2008-2009)

Magneto (II) (2011)

Magneto: Not a Hero (2012)

Magneto (III) (2014-2015)

X-Men: Black - Magneto (2018)


Magneto: The Twisting of a Soul (1993)
Magneto Ascendent (1999)

True Believers: What if Legion had killed Magneto? (2018)


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