What if...? (II) (1-114) (1989-1998)
Series No. Date Year Title
What if...? 1 July 1989 What if the Avengers has lost the Evolutionary War? (Avengers)
What if...? 2 August 1989 What if Daredevil had killed the Kingpin? (Daredevil)
What if...? 3 September 1989 What if Steve Rogers had refused to give up being Captain America? (Captain America)
What if...? 4 October 1989 What if the alien costume had possessed Spider-Man? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 5 November 1989 Prologue
What if Wonder Man had not died? (Wonder Man)
What if the Vision had destroyed the Avengers? (Vision)
What if...? 6 Mid November 1989 What if the X-Men had lost Inferno? (X-Men)
What if...? 7 December 1989 Wolverine, Agent of SHIELD (Wolverine)
What if...? 8 Mid December 1989 What if Iron Man lost the Armor Wars? (Iron Man)
What if...? 9 January 1990 What if the new X-Men had died on their first mission? (X-Men)
What if...? 10 February 1990 What if the Punisher's Family hadn't been Killed? (Punisher)
What if...? 11 March 1990 What if the Fantastic Four all had the same power? (Fantastic Four)
What if the Fantastic Four all had the same powers as Human Torch? (Fantastic Four)
What if the Fantastic Four all had the stretching power of Mister Fantastic? (Fantastic Four)
What if the Fantastic Four had all become monsters like the Thing? (Fantastic Four)
What if the Fantastic Four shared the powers of the Invisible Woman? (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 12 April 1990 What if the X-Men had stayed in Asgard? (New Mutants, X-Men)
What if...? 13 May 1990 What if Professor X had become Juggernaut? (X-Men)
What if...? 14 June 1990 What if Captain Marvel had not died? (Captain Marvel)
What if...? 15 July 1990 What if the trial of Galactus had ended in Reed Richard's execution? (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 16 August 1990 What if Wolverine had lived during the age of Conan the Barbarian? (Wolverine, Conan, Red Sonja)
What if...? 17 September 1990 What if Kraven the Hunter had killed Spider-Man? (Kraven the Hunter)
What if...? 18 October 1990 What if the Fantastic Four battled Dr. Doom before they got their powers? (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 19 November 1990 What if the Vision had conquered the world?: Utopia / Dystopia (Avengers)
What if...? 20 December 1990 What if Spider-Man had not married Mary Jane Watson? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 21 January 1991 What if Spider-Man married the Black Cat? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 22 February 1991 What if the Silver Surfer had not escaped Earth? (Silver Surfer)
What if...? 23 March 1991 What if the "All-New All-Different" X-Men had never existed?
What if...? 24 April 1991 What if Wolverine had become the lord of vampires? (Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Punisher)
What if...? 25 May 1991 What if Set had come to Earth?
What if...? 26 June 1991 What if the Punisher had killed Daredevil? (Punisher)
What if...? 27 July 1991 What if the Sub-Mariner had joined the Fantastic Four? (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 28 August 1991 What if Captain America were not the only super soldier in World War II? (Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D.)
What if...? 29 September 1991 What if Captain America had formed the Avengers?
What if...? 30 October 1991 What if the Invisible Woman had her second child? (Fantastic Four)
What if the Fantastic Four's second child had lived? (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 31 November 1991 What if Spider-Man had not lost his cosmic powers? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 32 December 1991 What if Phoenix had lived? (X-Men)
What if...? 33 January 1992 What if Phoenix rose again? (X-Men)
What if...? 34 February 1992 What if Thanos changed Galactus into a human being?
What if... Dr. Doom was a pediatrician?!
What if... Wolverine hibernated?
What if... you were Spider-Man?
What if... you were the Red Skull?
What if... the Punisher was a hall monitor?
What if... Galactus fought Ant-Man?
What if... Spider-Man fought the Trapster?
Adventures in Spidey-Baby-Sitting (What if... Spider-Man had a son?)
What if... Marvel published nursery rhymes?
What if... industrialist Tony Stark owned a chain of laundromats?
What if... Howard the Duck... was a chicken/pigeon/vulture/canary/goose?
What if... Ant-Man had a picnic?
What if... the Leader decided to buy a hat?
What if... Storm was an air traffic controller?
What if... the Punisher was a stern, yet fatherly type?!
What if... Ghost Rider fell asleep?
What if... Frank Castle had died... but his family had lived?
What if...? 35 March 1992 Timequake 1/5: What if the Fantastic Five had invaded the Negative Zone?
What if...? 36 April 1992 Timequake 2/5: What if the Cosmic Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy had been defeated by Korvac?
What if...? 37 May 1992 Timequake 3/5: What if Wolverine and his X-Vampires conquered the world?
What if...? 38 June 1992 Timequake 4/5: What if Thor had become a thrall of Seth?
What if...? 39 July 1992 Timequake 5/5: What if the Watcher saved the Multiverse?
What if...? 40 August 1992 What if Storm stayed a thief? (Storm)
What if...? 41 September 1992 What if the Avengers had fought Galactus? (Avengers)
What if...? 42 October 1992 What if Spider-Man never lost his four extra arms? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 43 November 1992 What if Wolverine had married Mariko? (Wolverine)
What if...? 44 December 1992 What if Venom had possessed the Punisher? (Punisher)
What if...? 45 January 1993 What if Barbara Ketch became Ghost Rider? (Ghost Rider)
What if...? 46 February 1993 What if Cable had destroyed the X-Men? (Pretty much all X-Teams)
What if...? 47 March 1993 What if Magneto took over the United States? (Mutants)
What if...? 48 April 1993 What if Daredevil saved Nuke? (Daredevil)
What if...? 49 May 1993 What if the Silver Surfer possessed the Infinity Gauntlet? (Silver Surfer, Thanos, Adam Warlock)
What if...? 50 June 1993 What if the Hulk killed Wolverine? (Hulk, Wolverine)
What if...? 51 July 1993 What if the Punisher Became Captain America? (Punisher)
What if...? 52 August 1993 What if Doom became Sorcerer Supreme? (Dr. Doom)
What if...? 53 September 1993 What if the Iron Man of 2020 had been stranded in the past ? (Iron Man)
What if Rick Jones remained the Hulk? (Hulk)
What if Spider-Man killed the Lizard? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 54 October 1993 What if Minion had not killed Death's Head? (Death's Head)
What if...? 55 November 1993 What if the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm? 1/2 (Avengers)
What if...? 56 December 1993 What if the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm? 2/2 (Avengers)
What if...? 57 January 1994 Hall of the dead (What if the Punisher became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?) (Punisher)
What if...? 58 February 1994 The day I killed Spider-Man (What if the Punisher had killed Spider-Man?) (Punisher)
What if...? 59 March 1994 What if Wolverine had remained a captive of Alpha Flight? (Alpha Flight)
What if...? 60 April 1994 What if Scott Summers and Jean Grey had married earlier? (X-Men)
What if Scott Summers and Jean Grey had never fallen in love at all? (X-Men)
What if Phoenix had fallen for Wolverine? (X-Men)
What if...? 61 May 1994 What if Spider-Man's "parents" destroyed his family? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 62 June 1994 What if Logan battled Weapon X? (Logan)
What if...? 63 July 1994 What if War Machine had not destroyed the Living Laser? (Iron Man, War Machine)
What if...? 64 August 1994 What if Iron Man went public? (Iron Man)
What if...? 65 September 1994 --A fallen Angel! (What if Archangel fell from grace?) (Archangel)
What if...? 66 October 1994 What if Rogue possessed the power of Thor? (Rogue)
What if...? 67 November 1994 What If Captain America Were Revived Today? 1/2: A fighting chance (Captain America)
What if...? 68 December 1994 What If Captain America Were Revived Today? 2/2: Liberty's sword (Captain America)
What if...? 69 January 1995 What if Stryfe and Apocalypse killed the X-Men? (X-Men)
What if...? 70 February 1995 The end of the matter (What if Silver Surfer had not betrayed Galactus?) (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 71 March 1995 What if the gamma bomb spawned a thousand Hulks? (Hulk)
What if...? 72 April 1995 What if Spider-Man became a murderer? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 73 May 1995 What if the Kingpin "adopted" Daredevil?
What if...? 74 June 1995 Sinister perspectives (What if Mr. Sinister formed the X-Men?) (X-Men I)
What if...? 75 July 1995 Variations on a scream (What if Blink had killed Generation X?) (Blink)
What if...? 76 August 1995 What if Peter Parker had to invent Spider-Man? (Spider-Man)
What if...? 77 September 1995 One dream (What if Legion had killed Magneto?) (X-Men)
What if...? 78 October 1995 4 against the darkness! (What if the new Fantastic Four had remained a team?) (Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Wolverine)
What if...? 79 November 1995 Covenants broken (What if Storm had the power of the Phoenix?) (Avengers, Nicholas Joseph Fury, Storm, X-Men)
What if...? 80 December 1995 What if the Hulk got himself cured? (Hulk)
What if...? 81 January 1996 United we stand (What if the Age of Apocalypse had not ended?) (Age of Apocalypse)
What if...? 82 February 1996 The man in the million dollar mask (What if J.Jonah Jameson adopted Spider-Man?) (Spider-Man)
What if...? 83 March 1996 The disciple's Devil! (What if Daredevil was the disciple of Doctor Strange?) (Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Elektra)
What if...? 84 April 1996 To the finish! (What if Shard journeyed to the present in Bishop's place?) (Shard, X-Men)
What if...? 85 May 1996 Genesis revoked (What if Magneto ruled all mutants?) (Magneto)
What if...? 86 June 1996 What if the Scarlet Spider had killed Spider-Man? (Scarlet Spider)
What if...? 87 July 1996 Cat and mouse (Jubilee, Sabretooth)
What if...? 88 August 1996 Arachnamorphosis (Spider-Man)
What if...? 89 September 1996 The fantastic farce (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 90 October 1996 In the shadows (Cyclops, Havok)
What if...? 91 November 1996 The man the monster (Dr. Bruce Banner)
What if...? 92 December 1996 I...I'll be your best friend! (Josh Guthrie)
What if...? 93 January 1997 Ferus (Wolverine)
What if...? 94 February 1997 Wanderings (Juggernaut)
What if...? 95 March 1997 Broken soul (Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch))
What if...? 96 April 1997 They grow up so quickly (Quicksilver)
What if...? 97 May 1997 Last light (Black Knight)
What if...? 98 June 1997 Seeds of yesterday (Rogue)
What if...? 99 August 1997 Mask of the innocent (Spider-Man, Black Cat)
What if...? 100 September 1997 Paper skin (Gambit)
There's no place like that place where you sleep and keep all your stuff (What if the Fantastic Four went to the land of Oz?) (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 101 October 1997 Angel of Death (What if the Angel remained a Horseman of Apocalypse?)
What if...? 102 November 1997 Shadow boxing (What if Daredevil's dad had thrown the big fight?) (Daredevil)
What if...? 103 December 1997 Prodigal son (What if Captain America had saved the life of the inventor of the Super Soldier serum?) (Captain America)
What if...? 104 January 1998 Finders keepers (What if the Impossible Man obtained the Infinity Gauntlet?)
What if...? 105 February 1998 Legacy... in black and white (What if Mary Jane had never lost the baby, and Spider-Man had a Spider-Girl?) (Spider-Girl)
What if...? 106 March 1998 Retribution! (What if the X-Men condemned Gambit to death?) (X-Men)
What if...? 107 April 1998 If this age be golden--! (What if Thor had never gone insane and assumed the throne of Asgard?) (Thor)
What if...? 108 May 1998 The greatest sacrifice! (What if the Avengers battled the Carnage Cosmic?) (Avengers)
What if...? 109 June 1998 Tragedy in a tiny town (What if the Thing had refused to leave Liddleville?) (Fantastic Four)
What if...? 110 July 1998 Family tie (What if Collossus had never joined the X-Men?) (X-Men)
What if...? 111 August 1998 Comes the Horseman--! (What if Wolverine had become a Horseman of Apocalypse?) (Wolverine)
What if...? 112 September 1998 Brave old world (What if New York had become Ka-Zar's Savage Land... forever?) (Ka-Zar, Shanna)
What if...? 113 October 1998 --Anthony Stark, master of the mystic arts! (What if Tony Stark became the master of the mystical arts?) / Strange allies, Stark lives / Into the darknes / In final battle! (Tony Stark, Dr. Strange)
What if...? 114 November 1998 25 years later (Secret Wars)