West Coast Avengers Annual (I) (1-3) (1986-1988) Avengers West Coast Annual (I) (4-8) (1989-1993)
Series is named "West Coast Avengers Annual" from #1 to #3 and then is renamed to "Avengers West Coast Annual".
Series No. Date Year Title
West Coast Avengers Annual 1   1986 One of our own! / Cardinal sins / Fixed assets! / Mutant meltdown!
West Coast Avengers Annual 2   1987 Death and Texas! / The other side! / Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel / Mockingbird vs. Captain America / Silver Surfer / Dr. Pym vs. the Wasp / Thor vs. Wonderman / Tigra vs. Dr. Druid / Moon Knight vs. Black Knight / Hawkeye vs. She-Hulk / The Grandmaster
West Coast Avengers Annual 3   1988 The Evolutionary War 9/11: Heads you lose--!
The Evolutionary War 9/11: Tails you win!
Saga of High Evolutionary 9/11: The final frontier
Avengers West Coast Annual (I) (4-8) (1989-1993)
Avengers West Coast Annual 4   1989 Atlantis Attacks 12/14: Gather now ye 7 brides!
Rate the hunks (Wasp, She-Hulk)
The last good soldier (U.S. Agent)
...So what are you going to do after you conquer the world? (Firebird)
Saga of the Serpent Crown 12/14: Crisis management
Avengers West Coast Annual 5   1990 The Terminus Factor 4/5: When titans trash!
Media watch
Tanks for nothing
Don't you daaare miss it!
Honey, I shrunk the hyperatomic antiproton cannon!
Avengers West Coast Annual 6   1991 Subterranean Wars 5/5: A storm in Subterranea
West Side Story!
A Wasp in Hollywood! (Wasp)
Justice, like lightning (Living Lightning)
Avengers West Coast Annual 7   1992 Assault on Armor City 2/3: Locate!
A study in scarlet (Scarlet Witch)
Mile high mayhem! (Spider-Woman II)
Ten little villains...
My name is Legion! (Living Lightning)
Avengers West Coast Annual 8   1993 If Volcanic Winter Comes 1/6: The gathering
If Volcanic Winter Comes 2/6: Let us prey!
If Volcanic Winter Comes 3/6: Northern explosion
If Volcanic Winter Comes 4/6: Mexican bake-off
If Volcanic Winter Comes 5/6: Fuss and feathers
If Volcanic Winter Comes 6/6: More and less than human