Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra! (I) (1) (2008) Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! (I) (2-3) (2009)
Title on cover is "The Amazing Spider-Man Extra!", in index it is "Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!!" for #1 and "Amazing Spider-Man: Extra!" for #2 upwards.
Series No. Date Year Title
Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra! 1 September 2008 Death of a wise guy (Hammerhead)
Birthday boy (Harold Osborn, Peter Benjamin Parker)
Character Assassination: Interlude: The Spartacus gambit (Matthew Michael Murdock, Spider-Man9
Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! (I) (2-3) (2009)
Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! 2 March 2009 Black and White (Anti-Venom)
Birthday boy (Spider-Man, Wolverine)
Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! 3 May 2009 Character Assassination Coda: With great responsibility comes great power (Spider-Man)
Nice things (Harold Osborn)
Loose ends (Kraven III, Spider-Man)