Marvel Super-Heroes (III) (1-15) (1990-1993)
Series No. Date Year Title
Marvel Super-Heroes 1 May 1990 Old business (Moon Knight)
I shot an arrow into the sky! (Hercules)
The sacrifice (Hellcat)
Don't do that Voodoo you do do so well (Brother Voodoo)
Pulitzer Patty (Speedball)
Who wants to live forever? (Magik)
Conflagration (Black Panther)
Marvel Super-Heroes 2 July 1990 Cold feelings (Iron Man)
Secondhand emotions (Rogue)
Turn a blind eye (Daredevil)
The price of their toys (Speedball)
Storm warning (Tigra)
Where the buffalo roamed (Red Wolf)
The greater good (Falcon)
Marvel Super-Heroes 3 September 1990 Who saves the hero...? (Captain America)
Kingsize problem (Wasp)
How Speedball's powers work (Speedball)
The power of rage (Hulk)
Turning point (Blue Shield)
Last night the sun came down... and sang to me (Captain Marvel)
Marvel Super-Heroes 4 December 1990 Mind storm (Spider-Man, Nick Fury)
Sheer heart attack (Daredevil)
Scout's motto (Wonder Man)
Ember when (Spitfire)
This is our story (Speedball)
Shadow of a doubt (Black Knight)
Marvel Super-Heroes 5 April 1991 When destiny calls (Thor)
Blast from the past (Thing)
Jolly Roger (Speedball)
Call waiting (Dr. Strange)
Treasure (She-Hulk)
Marvel Super-Heroes 6 July 1991 Third time's the charm! (X-Men)
Natives in a strange land (Power Pack)
Mercy St. (Cloak, Dagger)
Fruits of the wound (Sabra)
The Bouncer (Speedball)
Marvel Super-Heroes 7 October 1991 Sterility'r'us (X-Men)
Guardian Angel (Cloak, Dagger, Angel (GA))
The Shroud vs. the Deacon (Shroud)
The Gator show (Marvel Boy)
Marvel Super-Heroes 8 January 1992 Three strikes, yer out (X-Men)
Leftovers (Sub-Mariner)
The coming of Squirrel Girl (Iron Man)
Marvel Super-Heroes 9 April 1992 Cupid's error (Avengers West-Coast, Hercules)
Turnabout (Thor)
The applicant (Iron Man)
Marvel Super-Heroes 10 July 1992 The terror (Vision, Scarlet Witch)
I won't take no for an answer (Sub-Mariner)
Sabretooth stalks the subway (Ms. Marvel)
Marvel Super-Heroes 11 October 1992 Fireworks (Ghost Rider II)
Not to touch the earth (Giant Man (Bill Foster))
Cry vengeance (Ms. Marvel)
Marvel Super-Heroes 12 January 1993 Sins of the father (Dr. Strange)
Winging it (Falcon)
Glitch in the works (Iron Man)
Marvel Super-Heroes 13 April 1993 The sting (Iron Man)
Checkmate (Iron Man)
Gold fever (Iron Man)
Marvel Super-Heroes 14 July 1993 Ludd conquers all (Iron Man)
The education of Augustyne Phyffe (Dr. Strange)
Downtown demolition (Speedball)
Marvel Super-Heroes 15 October 1993 The heart of power (Iron Man)
Volstagg's mostly greatest adventure (Volstagg)
The theft of Thor's hammer (Thor)
Gaze into my eyes (Dr. Druid)