Girl Comics (II) (1-3) (2010)
Series No. Date Year Title
Girl Comics 1 May 2010 Introduction
Moritat (Nightcrawler)
- (Venus)
A brief rendezvous (Punisher)
Shop Doc (Doctor Octopus)
Clockwork Nightmare (Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards)
Head Space (Wolverine, Cyclops, Phoenix)
Girl Comics 2 July 2010 Introduction
Dogged Pursuit (Crystal)
Good to be lucky (Shamrock)
Doom's Sue (Invisible Woman)
Do you ever? (Elsa Bloodstone)
Ad Vice (Mary Jane Watson)
Bondeau (Doctor Strange)
Girl Comics 3 September 2010 Introduction
Things that never change (Wolverine, Jubilee)
The Job (Power Pack)
A Moving Experience (Magneto, Wolverine)
Blindspot (Typhoid Mary)
Chaos Theory
Mixology at Terato Gena's (Kitty Pryde)