Giant-Size Dracula (I) (2-5) (1974-1975)
Series continued from Giant-Size Chillers featuring The Curse of Dracula (I) #1.
Series No. Date Year Title
Giant-Size Dracula 2 September 1974 Call them Triad... call them Death!
The girl in the black hood! (Reprint from Tales to Astonish (I) #32)
On with the dance! (Reprint from Menace #2)
Sweet Old Ladies (Reprint from Astonishing #18)
Vampire at the window (Reprint from Astonishing #18)
Drive of death (Reprint from Astonishing #17)
Giant-Size Dracula 3 December 1974 Slow death on the killing ground! / Is this the night the vampire dies?
I was a vampire (Reprint from Uncanny Tales (I) #6)
The wedding present! (Reprint from Spellbound (I) #22)
The Mark of the Vampire! (Reprint from Spellbound (I) #22)
The Man who changed (Reprint from Uncanny Tales #6)
Giant-Size Dracula 4 March 1975 Let it bleed!
The gargoyles (Reprint from Tales of Suspense (I) #46)
Forbidden drink! (Reprint from Mystic #2)
The Gargoyles (Reprint from Tales of Suspense (I) #46)
I am the living ghost! (Reprint from Tales of Suspense (I) #15)
You can't escape (Reprint from Adventures into Terror #6)
Giant-Size Dracula 5 June 1975 The art of dying!: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4
Dark asylum!
The Hidden Vampire! (Reprint from Journey into Mystery (I) #21)
They fly by night (Reprint from Adventures into Terror #30)