Fury Max (I) (Max Comics) (1-13) (2012-2013)
Series No. Date Year Title
Fury Max 1 July 2012 While all the planet's little wars start joining hands
Fury Max 2 July 2012 Number One Fucky
Fury Max 3 August 2012 And some people left for heaven without warning
Fury Max 4 September 2012 If we was meant to be cowboys
Fury Max 5 October 2012 Get ready to shed a tear
Fury Max 6 November 2012 An' go to your gawd as a soldier
Fury Max 7 February 2013 Mister Chained Blue Lightning
Fury Max 8 March 2013 The judgment of your peers
Fury Max 9 April 2013 Nobody does it quite the way you do
Fury Max 10 May 2013 The Sunny slopes of long ago
Fury Max 11 June 2013 My brother earned his medals at My Lai in Vietnam
Fury Max 12 July 2013 Before man war, war waited
Fury Max 13 August 2013 But yet we'll write a final rhyme while waiting crucifixion