Excalibur: XX Crossing  (I) (1) (1992) Excalibur vs. the X-Men Special Edition (I) (1) (1992)
Name of series is "Excalibur: XX Crossing" in the imprint, but "Excalibur vs. the X-men Special Edition" on the cover
Series No. Date Year Title
Excalibur: XX Crossing 1 May 1992 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Captain Britain, Cyclops)
Chapter 3 (Angel, Meggan)
Chapter 4 (Iceman, Kylun)
Chapter 5 (Gladiator Hank, Nightcrawler)
Chapter 6 (Jean Grey, Shadowcat)
Chapter 7 (Cerise, Professor X)
Chapter 8