Dísney's Aladdin (I) (1-11) (1994-1995)
Based on stories from the book "Arabian Nights".
Series No. Date Year Title
Disney's Aladdin 1 October 1994 Aladdin’s Quest: The forbidden Chamber / The three tasks / Failure at the finish line!
Disney's Aladdin 2 November 1994 The Pharaoh’s Curse: Ankh Misbehavin’ / Par for the curse
Disney's Aladdin 3 December 1994 Sword of Aladdin: The three gifts / Two snakes and a star
Disney's Aladdin 4 January 1995 Greedy in Agrabah: Oso much trouble! / Red eyes / An overthrow rug!
Disney's Aladdin 5 February 1995 Aladdin’s foolies: The dark night / Genie plays the palace!
Disney's Aladdin 6 March 1995 The Mysterious Amulet: The wishing well / Between a Roc and a hard place / What’s in a name?
Disney's Aladdin 7 April 1995 Genie Jamboree: Panic in the palace! / All’s well that plans well / Fake-out city
Disney's Aladdin 8 May 1995 The old switcheroo: Now playing at the palace / It takes two to tangle
Disney's Aladdin 9 June 1995 The archer of Agrabah: Practice makes imperfect / Taking deadly aim!
Disney's Aladdin 11 August 1995

Carpet diem: - / A stray at the races! / Flight to the finish