The Dísney Afternoon (I) (1-10) (1994-1995)
Series No. Date Year Title
The Disney Afternoon 1 November 1994 Kitchen clean-up (Darkwing Duck)
The Paint Job (Goof Troop)
Welcome to Gumbeaux Bubble Gum Capital of the World! (Tale Spin)
Washoay blues (Bonkers)
The Disney Afternoon 2 December 1994 Sleep Ducking! 1/2 (Darkwing Duck)
Disappearing Act! (Rescue Rangers)
Sleep Ducking! 2/2 (Darkwing Duck)
The Disney Afternoon 3 January 1995 Club Mud The Last Resort (Darkwing Duck)
Batteries not included (Darkwing Duck)
The Disney Afternoon 4 February 1995 Fins ain't what they seem! (Duck Tales)
Megavolt pulls a switch (Darkwing Duck)
Painting the skies! (Tale Spin)
Bad Connection (Goof Troop)
Short Ride (Darkwing Duck)
The Disney Afternoon 5 March 1995 Mole Mania (Darkwing Duck)
Faster than a speeding ticket (Darkwing Duck)
The Disney Afternoon 6 April 1995 Bad Medicine (Darkwing Duck)
Cinematic Cycling (Gyro Gearloose)
Dog Days (Goof Troop)
The Disney Afternoon 7 May 1995 Law of the Bayou (Tale Spin)
Race Ace (The Rescue Rangers' Gadget)
Flower Power (Darkwing Duck)
The Toys of Summer (Goof Troop)
The Disney Afternoon 8 June 1995 Beating Beets (Darkwing Duck)
Cheese Miner's Daughter (Rescue Rangers)
The Disney Afternoon 9 July 1995 Haunted Mouses 1/2 (Rescue Rangers)
A picnic is no picnic (Darkwing Duck)
Haunted Mouses 2/2 (Rescue Rangers)
Wooly Bully (Goof Troop)