Deadpool Special (I) (900, 1000) (2009-2010)
Series No. Date Year Title
Deadpool Special 900 December 2009 Close encounters of the @*#$ed-up kind
Silent but deadly
Shrunken master
Pinky swear

What happens in Vegas…

Great balls of thunder on the deep blue sea

One down
Secret Wars 2 Crossover: Turning Japanese …or Little demon inside (Reprint from Deadpool Team-Up (I) #1)
Deadpool Special 1000 October 2010 Luck by a lady
The Maltese Bunny
Appetite for destruction
Silentest Night (Deadpool Corpse)

A week in the life of Deadpool

Today I am da man!

No longer in a relationship
Canada, man!
Mouth of the border
Too many Deadpools
A nightmare on Elm Tree