Daredevil Annual (I) (1-10) (1967-1994)
The title given on the covers of issue #1 to #2 is "King Size Special! Daredevil", of #3 it is "Daredevil Special".
Series No. Date Year Title
Daredevil Annual 3 January 1972 Enter... Spider-Man (Reprint from Daredevil (I) #16)
None are so blind...! (Reprint from Daredevil (I) #17)
Daredevil Annual 4   1976 The name of the game is... Death! / Ans who shall save the Panther?
Daredevil Annual 5   1989 Atlantis Attacks 7/14: A friend in need...
Role reversal (Wild Boys)
The rescue (Fat Boys)
The redeemed and the condemned (Ben Urich)
Saga of the Serpent Crown 7/14: The rebel
Daredevil Annual 6   1990 Lifeform 2/4: Predator
Truth or dare? (Fat Boys)
Innocent bystander?
Two schizos (Typhoid Mary)
Daredevil Annual 7   1991 Von Strucker Gambit Prologue
Von Strucker Gambit 1/3: Crippling death
The dark lady (Ben Urich)
Malicious justice... or injustice? (Crippler)
Guns don't kill... (Fat Boys)
Daredevil Annual 8   1992 System Bytes 2/4: Maxed out
DD's top ten villains
Disturbingly alike (Crippler, Wildboys)
Growing up? (Fat Boys)
Daredevil Annual 9   1993 Devouring madness!
On the clock
Resurrections (Calypso)
Daredevil Annual 10   1994 Vendettas
Dead end (Black Widow)