Curse of the Weird (I) (1-4) (1993-1994)
Series No. Date Year Title
Curse of the Weird 1 December 1993 Do not panic! (Reprint from Strange Tales (I) #95)
The brain! (Reprint from Adventures into Terror #4)
The eye of doom (Reprint from Mystic #6)
The man who owned a ghost (Reprint from Astonishing #10)
Curse of the Weird 2 January 1994 The ghost of the Grismore Castle! (Reprint from Strange Tales (I) #79)
Bat's Tale! (Reprint from Marvel Tales (I) #113)
Innocent bystander (Reprint from ? )
The unsolid man (Reprint from World of Fantasy #13)
No sign of life (Reprint from Amazing Adult Fantasy #10)
Curse of the Weird 3 February 1994 The return of the brain (Reprint from Adventures into Terror #6)
The hog! (Reprint from Journey into Mystery (I) #21)
Till death do us part (Reprint from Journey into Mystery (I) #15)
Where monsters dwell...!! (Reprint from Adventures into Terror #7)
Curse of the Weird 4 March 1994 Zombie! (Reprint from Menace #5)
The end of the world (Reprint from Marvel Tales #102)
Worlds at War! (Reprint from Journey into Mystery (I) #50)
There’ll be some changes made (Reprint from Journey into Mystery (I) #33)