Captain Britain (I) (Marvel UK) (1-39) (1976-1977)
Captain Britain story continues in Super Spider-Man #23.
Series No. Date Year Title
Captain Britain 6 November 1976 Havoc at Heathrow!
Duel to the death! (Fantastic Four; Reprint from Fantastic Four (I) #112 (2/2))
Project Blackout 2/2: The return of the Yellow Claw! (Nicholas Joseph Fury; Reprint from  Strange Tales (I) #161 (2/2))
Captain Britain 9 December 1976 Demon-Fire!
But who shall stop the Over-Mind? (Fantastic Four; Reprint from Fantastic Four (I) #114 (1/2))
And the dragon cried... death! (Nicholas Joseph Fury; Reprint from Strange Tales (I) #163 (1/2))