Black Widow (IV) (Natalie Romanova) (1-6) (2005-2006) Black Widow: The Thing They Say about Her (I) (Natalie Romanova) (1-6) (2005-2006)
Imprint gives title as "Black Widow 2", except for #3 where it is "Black Widow: The Things They Say about Her", which is also the title on all covers.
Series No. Date Year Title
Black Widow 1 November 2005 The things they say about her
Black Widow 2 December 2005 What do you really deep down want?
Black Widow 3 January 2006 Help and those who need it
Black Widow 4 February 2006 Women and children first
Black Widow 5 February 2006 Do you feel better now?
Black Widow 6 April 2006 Welcome to the game