Black Panther: Panther's Prey (I) (T'Challa) (1-4) (1990-1991)
Series No. Date Year Title
Black Panther: Pantherīs Prey 1 September 1990 Homes
A gargoyle breaking free
One razored edge at a time
Tombs and prisons
Bad timing
What do you know about love?
A slice of Wakandan pizza
A reasonable tormentor
Shadows clashing
Black Panther: Pantherīs Prey 2 November 1990 Easy to die here
Chronicle 1: A brief history of heart-shaped herbs
This is going to hurt you more than it is me
Personal accountability
The man who left bitter memories
A fear of boredom
The prison bars are there, you just can't see them
Chasing it
Daybreak highs and lows
Chronicle 2: One invocation in the sacred Panther ceremony
Scandalous behavior
Black Panther: Pantherīs Prey 3   1991 Chronicle 3: Some modernisitic theories on effects of the anointment poultice and powers of the great cat
Smoky nights
The great cat help this time
A death without meaning, a death with meaning
Passion and consequences
Black Panther: Pantherīs Prey 4   1991 Prey for the night
Buried alive
The price is blood
Solitaire showdown
A format satellite announcement
Matrimonial reactions
Welcoming party
The snake eats
Last chances