Amazing High Adventures (I) (1-5) (1984-1986)
Series No. Date Year Title
Amazing High Adventures 1 August 1984 The pike! (Oliver Cromwell -1649 Ireland)
Gold! (1519 Mexico)
Ambrose A. Abernathy's Amazing Adventure Apparatus (1876 New Jersey)
Death stroke (1820s Alaska)
Amazing High Adventures 2 September 1985 Too long lost (1690s Senegal)
The conquest of Kirurkan (Ghengis Khan -1191 Mongolia)
Palm Sunday (1809 Europe)
My heart belongs to Betsy! (1923 Kansas)
Amazing High Adventures 3 October 1986 A camel's curse (1874 Arizona)
Monkey see, monkey die! (Napolean Bonaparte -1798 Egypt)
Facing the tiger (Based on the true story of Sunarmin and Amarlak -1978 Sumatra)
Fossils (1807 Indiana)
Amazing High Adventures 4 November 1986 The golden eagle (1815 London; Waterloo, Belgium)
The door (1850s America)
The saurian remains (1868 Connecticut)
Amazing High Adventures 5 December 1986 The skyhook (1920s California)
David and Goliath (1000 B.C. Israel)
Whom the gods would destroy (1877 India)
My brother's keeper (1955 California)