Alf (I) (Star Comics) (1-50) (1988-1992)
Series No. Date Year Title
Alf 1 March 1988 At your disposal
Snow skin off my nose
Play misty for me
Alf 2 April 1988 Alls's fair
All my lifes's a cycle
Jungle Love
Alf 3 May 1988 Travels with Willie
One tiny mistake
Alf 4 June 1988 It's all in your minds!
Monster mash
One hero to go!
Alf 5 July 1988 Stand-in by your man
Mind your manners!
Mythed again
Alf 6 August 1988 Be of good chear
That's the ticket
Hair today, gone tomorrow!
Alf 7 September 1988 Going thru a stage
Aloe again, naturally!
Bounce thy neighbor!
Alf 8 October 1988 Going thru a stage
Aloe again, naturally!
Bounce thy neighbor!
Alf 9 November 1988 The holiday the Earth stood still
The Melvolutionary War
A tree-mendous mistake!
Alf 10 December 1988 Back to school daze
May I have this dance?
Small worlds!
Alf 11 January 1989 Ghosts, Goblins and Gordon!
I did it mynah way!
Alf 12 February 1989 No thanks for the memories!
A town without Kittys!
Hair we grow again!
Alf 13 March 1989 Race tracks of my tears!
Role of the dice!
Alf 14 April 1989 It's good for what whales you!
Night of the living bread
Sometimes the tooth hurts!
Alf 15 May 1989 The Run Run Run Run Runaway 1/3
The Run Run Run Run Runaway 2/3: All the world's a cage!
The Run Run Run Run Runaway 3/3: Home is where the artichoke heart is!
Alf 16 June 1989 The return of the Fantastic Fur
The spy who came in from the mold!
Surrender Dorothy!
Alf 17 July 1989 Melmac to the future!
So long, old paint!
Academy reward!
Alf 18 August 1989 Melmacattack of the 50 foot Alf!
A moving experience!
Back off!
Alf 19 September 1989 The swimsuit issue!
The Alfstrologer!
Citizen Sugar Kane!
Alf 20 October 1989 Vanity, thy name is Alf
Gornan the Bar-B-Q-Barian
Babe in the Woods! 1/2
Alf 21 November 1989 Babe in the Woods! 2/2
A night at the I-Hopera!
I'd like to buy a vowel!
Alf 22 Mid November 1989 X marks the spot!
Food for thought!
I'd like to buy a vowel!
Alf 23 December 1989 Around the world in 80 hours! 1/3: Alf gets down under!
Around the world in 80 hours! 2/3: Melemntary school
Around the world in 80 hours! 3/3: Home, sweet 'n sour home!
Alf 24 Mid December 1989 Rhonda's residency
Thanksgive and take!
Tour de force of duty!
Alf 25 January 1990 The silver anmercenary!
Alf 26 February 1990 Campaign in the neck!
For one brief, shining melmoment...
Take this job and love it!
Alf 27 March 1990 Djection slip!
The honeyspooners
Blow your own horn of plenty
Alf 28 April 1990 Family tie-dyes!
Bigfoot in the mouth!
Alf 29 May 1990 Used Karma!
Pop goes the quiz!
The Melmatchmaker
Alf 30 June 1990 Speaker of the house!
Beau Jester!
Kung food for thought!
Alf 31 July 1990 Shummer camp!
Pyramid-life crisis!
Safari about that!
Alf 32 August 1990 Muscle bound for glory!
Go figure!
Imagine that!
Alf 33 September 1990 Man over game board!
Home vide-uh-oh!
Imagine that!
Alf 34 October 1990 That old Melmac magic!
On your Marx
Gone with the rind
Alf 35 November 1990 The only thing we have to fear is Alf himself!
Judge for yourself!
The phunny pages
Alf 36 December 1990 My favorite Melmartian!
Underexposed (With Melmapologies to Shelton, Griffith and Crumb)
Alf 37 January 1991 Melmacian Gothic!
Play me or trade me!
Alf 38 February 1991 Branching out!
Timing is everything!
Bed slime stories
Alf 39 March 1991 Inca-Dinka-Doo!!
Alf is in Wonderland
Alf 40 April 1991 Leprechaun Job!
That's the way the cookie crumbles
Alf 41 May 1991 T.V. F.X. N.X.S.!
Classical gastritis
Alf 42 June 1991 Send in the clones! 1/3: Skip to the chase!
Send in the clones! 2/3: Don't get a Rhonda much anymore!
Send in the clones! 3/3: The Epi-Cheese log!
Alf's Sci-Fry marathon!
Alf 43 July 1991 Secure from gerneral quarter pounders
Son of Alf's Sci-Fry Marathon!
Only 45 minute steaks from broadway!
Alf 44 August 1991 Alf’s xcellent Adventure! 1/5: Xplosion through xtrapolation!
Alf’s xcellent Adventure! 2/5: An xtemporaneous xit!
Alf’s xcellent Adventure! 3/5: Xterminate with xtreme prejudice!
Alf’s xcellent Adventure! 4/5: Xacting revenge!!
Alf’s xcellent Adventure! 5/5: Xuberant xhilarated xstacy!
Alf 45 September 1991 Making a good first depression!

The mystery of the earwax museum!!

Alf 46 October 1991 Shall we dense?

Feel Dove dreams (Say it out loud!)

Alf 47 November 1991 Th-Th-That's Alf, Folks 1/4: Meteor bye products!

Föötprints öf thieves!

Alf 48 December 1991 Th-Th-That's Alf, Folks 2/4: A Tisket, a task force!
Here’s cooking at you, kid!
Alf 49 January 1992 Th-Th-That's Alf, Folks 3/4: A Melmodest proposal!
Alf 50 February 1992 Th-Th-That's Alf, Folks 4/4: Alf Weidersehn!
Universal Acceptance!