Alf Annual (I) (Star Comics) (1-3) (1988-1990)
Series No. Date Year Title
Alf Annual 1   1988 The Return of Rhonda!
Back to Human Nature!

Safe at home!

You give me fever

The Evolutionary War Crossover: A campy Approach!
The Evolutionary War Crossover: You say you want an Evolution?
Alf Annual 2   1989 Bad day at blackout
Brother, can you spare a slime?

Exercise Workout

Interview with a Hampire!

Going Up!
Getting his just desert!
Going, going, gonzo!
Oh, Baby!
Alf Annual 3   1990 A very shuttle hint! 1/2
A very shuttle hint! 2/2: Was this trip Nasa-sary?

Par time job!

Buy low – shell high!

This Island Alf!
She blinded me with science
This one’s on the house!