ACTOR Comics Presents (I) (1) (2006)

Published by Century Comics for ACTOR-HERO Initiative.

Series No. Date Year Title
ACTOR Comics Presents 1 Fall 2006 The Day the Superheroes quit!
...And the World dances with you
The Final Ka-Boom!?! (Buzzboy)
The Dreamland Chronicles
The Mice Templar
Dirty, Pretty, Everalsting Thins
I know Everything

Hypothetical Cerebus and the Necronmicon Monks

S.A.S.E. (Send another submissions Editor)

The Sacrifice
My Hero (Spider-Man)
Puppets (Hulk)
The Wild One (Chips Wilde)
Comes the Creaper! (Singapore Sling)
For the love of Barbara Allen
Mr. Oblivion

My hand to god: True tales of Horror from the Convention Trail

No rodeo dough (Ida Red)
My favorite Super Hero
Player vs. Player