A Shadowline Saga: Critical Mass (I) (Epic) (1-7) (1990) Critical Mass (I) (Epic) (1-7) (1990)
Imprint gives "Critical Mass" as title, cover gives "A Shadowline Saga: Critical Mass" as title.
Series No. Date Year Title
Critical Mass 1 January 1990 Foreword
Chapter 1: Extracting the control rods (Doctor Zero)
Chapter 2: Breaching the containment structure (Power Line)
Critical Mass 2 February 1990 Foreword
Chapter 3: A Knight without armor (St. George)
Chapter 4: Gravediggers dilemma (Doctor Zero)
Critical Mass 3 March 1990 Foreword
Chapter 5: Standing before the rubicon (Power Line)
Chapter 6: Beating the devil's tattoo (St. George)
Critical Mass 4 April 1990 Foreword
Chapter 7: The mouth of truth (Doctor Zero)
Chapter 8: Fissionable material (Power Line)
Critical Mass 5 May 1990 Foreword
Chapter 9: The crossing of the return threshole (St. George)
Chapter 10: Waking the dragon (Doctor Zero)
Critical Mass 6 June 1990 Chapter 11: The gathering of storm clouds (Power Line)
Chapter 12: How St. George slew the dragon (St. George)
Epiloge one
Epiloge two
Critical Mass 7 July 1990 Chapter 13: The final Chapter 1/3: The shatterer of worlds (Doctor Zero)

Chapter 13: The final Chapter 2/3: The bringers of chaos… (Power Line)

Chapter 13: The final Chapter 3/3: Hero with a thousand faces (St. George)